WooCommerce URL Coupons

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  • Latest Update Date: May 11, 2023
  • Product Version: 2.15.0

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WooCommerce URL Coupons

Extend then Automate thine Coupons including WooCommerce URL Coupons

The URL Coupons extension allows ye according to conjoin a unique URL in accordance with someone stamp in thy WooCommerce store. When it URL is chronic and clicked on, such automatically applies the coupon cut price yet perform (optionally) accumulate products to the customer’s buying cart.

URL coupons offers you the Felicitous way in conformity with make you mark advertising actionable, then thou may also assist customers keep in mind coupons hence so that really whole purchases. Measure the prevalence of you pay-per-click ad campaigns by using using a stamp URL, yet usage the plugin after only allow URL coupons.

Increase Conversions by way of Removing Coupon Fields

Studies beyond fundamental analytics companies like KISSmetrics have shown that coupon boxes are conversion killers. Customers go away thy site after search because coupons, then can also now not return. URL coupons offers thou the facility to keep your only billet method.

You perform enable the plugin to hide thy stamp code fields within the cart and/or checkout then that solely URL coupons may keep used. This way, clients along coupons mechanically hold them utilized by using travelling you URL, whilst lousy clients not at all depart to walk billet hunting.

Automatically Apply Coupons because Visitors

You can utilizes the URL on an existing web page then submit over you web site according to set off coupons. This skill so you execute trigger a ticket for everybody whosoever reads a precise weblog put up yet visits thy touchdown page. This is a significant way in imitation of reward you fans, brand loyalists, yet clients that engage along ye blog by offering an automated discount.

Redirect customers after ticket application

You perform redirect clients postulate thou pick out once they’ve visited a ticket URL. This permits ye in accordance with optionally Gather products after the cart then the URL is visited yet promptly ship customers somewhere, certain as the cart yet checkout. This reduces as dense limitations in imitation of purchasing namely possible, then can too be ancient with WooCommerce One Page Checkout for a definitely seamless, one-page billet application yet purchasing experience.

Personalize Your Coupon URLs in imitation of Reward Customers

You do usage a known billet URL, certain as mystore.com/coupon/thanks, as desire pray a “thank you” coupon. However, considering that it label URL doesn’t usage a trailing slash, ye do additionally utilizes this after customise the experience because you customers, as the URLs mystore.com/coupon/thanks-john or mystore.com/coupon/thanksjane will additionally employment because this coupon.

You may additionally disable that conduct by using the use of a trailing cut back like mystore.com/coupon/thanks/ if you’d opt for in accordance with uses some definite URL because coupons instead.

Other Ways in accordance with Elevate Your Coupons

  • use a special URL or QR articles regarding commercial enterprise cards to reward dynamic consumers for checking in over you along a discount.
  • make such easier because cutting-edge customers after section thy merchandise yet purposes by way of clearly award them a link after send in imitation of theirs pals consequently those visit your website online then get a bargain at the equal time!
  • prevent coupon looking by means of solely allowing URL coupons in imitation of lie used.
  • give outdoors customized URL coupons, such so mysite.com/thanks-jen, to connect along your customers.
  • automatically appeal coupons because customers anybody visit a unique page or post.

Key WooCommerce URL Coupons Features

  • Set a special URL because a ticket to that amount applies the label now the URL is visited
  • Optionally set certain yet extra products so much choice stand introduced in imitation of the customer’s cart when the unique URL is visited
  • Control postulate or where the purchaser is redirected in conformity with then travelling the URL
  • Track or make bigger conversions beside you on line then impress advertisements
  • Improve conversions by way of automating labor then the customer clicks
  • Help modern clients remember, share, or makes use of coupons
  • Optionally hide vile coupon application methods
  • Supports Smart Coupons expansion CSV billet exports
  • Use WooCommerce One Page Checkout together with URL coupons in accordance with grant a full one-page label utility and buying experience. NEW
  • Reduce buy barriers by applying discounts then including items after the cart automatically
  • Set ticket minimal amounts, expiration dates, then usage limits

Set a Unique URL yet mean Coupon Options

Stop customers from abandoning your checkout after pace stamp hunting. Improve conversions of your advertising campaigns with the aid of automating discounts in conformity with encourage purchasing. Help modern customers access and section the discounts you offer. Automatically request coupons for web page and post traffic in accordance with provide “easter eggs” then rewards. URL Coupons can help thou integrate thy coupons at some stage in you website online yet supply advanced methods to usage them.


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