WooCommerce Returns and Warranty Requests

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  • Latest Update Date: August 30, 2023
  • Product Version:  2.2.5

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WooCommerce Returns and Warranty Requests

RMA Management – Manage, Sell, Facilitate Easy Returns or Warranties

Manage the RMA process, Gather assurance terms after you products, then enable your clients in imitation of petition then control returns then exchanges at once beyond their user account.

Key Features

  • Manage entire RMA, warranty, and answer requests beside a odd consider into the keep administration
  • Define warranty phrases because of production – embark expirations intervals for limited warranties
  • Manage automatic electronic mail communications all through each change between return status
  • Maintain unrestricted and paid prolonged warranties because of products yet variations
  • Create you very own assurance statuses, or manage the statuses because all comeback requests
  • Customize thine RMA articles length or format
  • Request production images, song returns to/from thine customers all within the user’s account
Set warranties including constrained durations because of you products

Easily engage above warranties for products

When putting over you products, effortlessly consign warranties in conformity with the production or version without delay beyond the make manufacture screens. Easily define assurance then return era periods, assign that a price, or update/save thy product. Warranties are restrained immediately after the manufacture themselves – so the guarantee expires, and does the capability for the user after sue a warranty, return, and exchange.

Set warranties together with durations or expenses


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