Ninja Forms Table Editor

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  • Latest Update Date: October 25, 2018
  • Product Version: 3.5.0

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Ninja Forms Table Editor

This extension gives you a current area in accordance with gather tabular statistics the use of an Excel as grid. Set the quantity regarding columns or the headings and mean table behaviour. The records is below partial in accordance with the director electronic mail namely a CSV and saved into your WordPress uploads folder. The desk journalist permits customers in conformity with add, quote rows, stretch out yet reproduction cells simply like Excel.


The table do keep configured within a number of ways:

CSV Save Location – Where the desk facts depression wish keep protected within a CSV file, both the media library, ie. wp-content/uploads/yyyy/mm yet interior wp-content/uploads/ninja-forms

Number regarding Columns – This controls or much columns the table has.

Column Headers – This controls the the pillar headers because of the table:

  • Simple – Alphabetical column headers (like Excel).
  • Custom – You be able conjoin a header name for every motionlessness about a latter line into the ‘Custom Header Names’ setting.
  • None – For no headings at all.

Table Width – Controls the desk width:

  • Stretch – Stretches to in shape the breadth regarding the dad or mum div.
  • Scroll – Immovable width with volume bar.
  • Non – No behavior.

Drag Cells – Allow customers after pull cells in accordance with repeat values.

Minimum Rows – Specify the range over minimal superfluous rows because the table.

Row Numbers – Turn of the show of rank numbers.

Once you hold configured the table executive within the form such will show up of your form equipped for customers in accordance with add data.

Once varieties bear been filed directors do make the records with the aid of modifying the submission.


Table Editor event with the e mail actions consequently ye can choose CSVs according to connect in accordance with emails:

It also factory together with the PDF Form Submission addon, permitting ye according to display a desk between the PDF of two exceptional formats. This is controlled thru an superior Table Editor subject setting:

  1. Slim – stability Adds a easy representation on the table, together with stagnation names and values stacked on pinnacle regarding each other.
  2. HTML – The desk wholly rendered.


Only the primary functionality workshop together with mobile devices, as capability you stand capable in imitation of display, fulfill or volume the grid.


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