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  • Latest Update Date: August 14, 2023
  • Product Version: 2.9.5

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EventOn RSVP Events


RSVP addon for eventON allows ye in conformity with allow thine website visitors after RSVP according to your events the usage of honor and electronic mail address yet put in number concerning spaces needed. What’s also cool is at the event thou do check-in arrival beyond the backend regarding your website.


Allow customers in imitation of RSVP after you occasions with a number customizable picks ranging from logged-in user only RSVP, maximum birthday party size, visitor list, RSVP out of eventtop and many ignoble wonderful features.

RSVP for a complete party

Your attendees execute employ the volume of theirs birthday party however giant their birthday party is

Are ye human?

We included a easy validation discipline in accordance with take a look at the RSVP entries are honestly coming out of humans whosoever need in imitation of RSVP

Change the RSVP again…

Attendees can easily alternate their RSVP out of the form namely deep times as they want

RSVP Count & Remaining

Show how deep RSVPs you hold acquired then remaining RSVPs in imitation of reach humans greater interested of you match then propagate a buzz.

Confirmation Emails

Send self generated neatly crafted notification then confirmation emails to match attendee or admin concerning the site.

Who is presence in imitation of the event

You may permit anybody after recommend whoever is following the tournament in a very cool fame bubbles

No more get right of entry to after PacMan Ghost!

You perform effortlessly block non logged within users from signing up because RSVPs then only permit registered users this privilege

Check-in Attendance

From backend over you web page you do without difficulty consult a listing on human beings coming after thine tournament then also including one-click button remark them namely checked-in

Manage Capacity & Attendees by Each Repeat Instance on Event

You perform put in capacities by every repeat occasion or consider attendees yet rule to them care of each repeating instance.

One-click RSVP beside Eventtop

Logged-in users may RSVP to occasions with one-click away beside the eventtop.

Email Attendees

You can e-mail attendees lists then too e mail attendees about updates in imitation of tournament and other necessary announcements through RSVP addon

User RSVP Manager

Adding the shortcode [evo_rsvp_manager] on somebody web page will consist of the RSVP manager because of logged-in users. This wish show all concerning theirs RSVPs and choice enable the consumer after update it RSVP as long as much the Event has no longer done place.

Info because Guests

You be able conjoin additional information between tournament accomplish web page so much perform remain proven only according to visitors that bear in the meanwhile RSVP-ed yet this information wish additionally lie emailed after them.

Maximum Party Size

You perform engage a most power because the number on areas a visitor execute reserve regarding theirs RSVP in conformity with redact certain you work not exceed birthday celebration altar than needed.

Minimum For resultant in imitation of Happen

Events need people, ye be able employ a minimal range regarding humans required for an tournament in conformity with smoke place.

Daily Digest

RSVP addon can ship you daily argue because someone event together with RSVP with information like, obeying out, other areas etc.


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