Analytify Pro Easy Digital Downloads Add-on

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  • Latest Update Date: June 23, 2023
  • Product Version: 5.0.4

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Analytify Pro Easy Digital Downloads Add-on

Enhanced E-Commerce Tracking because Easy Digital Downloads

This Add-on desire tune the Sales, Transactions yet Revenues into Google Analytics then Displays Stats within a unique and intuitive road as is at all lucid even because non-technical WordPress users. Easy Digital Downloads helps after promote digital products including WordPress. Packed full over purposes and we bear integrated Analytify in it.

Features & Functionality

Would you kind of according to assimilate some thing current according to that add-on. Send electronic mail after help at

Coupons & Refund Tracking

See whether you coupons are being ancient then where are theirs conversions. How dense transactions regarded by using Coupons. You can consult Total Refunds or recommend volume refunded amount in accordance with confer the actual values then helps into decision.

Country clever tracking

The days are on when ye and thine purchaser have in accordance with walk in accordance with Google Analytics yet consume giant period of discovering report. We bear brought everything intestinal WordPress Dashboard. And file in a course thou understand, up to expectation makes sense.

Helps between targeting places where you have sizeable income or helps among erection choices after improve in low income areas.

Track Checkouts & Purchases

We customized Google Analytics report within a pathway that makes experience because of EDD Shop Owner. It’s the perfect love in Easy Digital Downloads or Google Analytics! You choice remain able according to parley whether deep humans clicked “Add To cart”, in as stage human beings are leaving the cart, where are that coming, what a whole lot money you are producing from which, all these data, just in a glimpse.

A General purchasing evaluation section in conformity with deliver you actionable facts between some shot.

Products Performance

The days are on when you yet you customer bear to run in conformity with Google Analytics then embezzle massive day of finding report. We have brought the whole thing internal WordPress Dashboard. And document among a pathway you understand, so makes sense.

Products Performance share incorporates a listing about your products yet its behavior into detail. It tells you every product revenue, cart in imitation of detail rate, unique purchases yet purchase after element quantity who helps between understanding as manufacture is promoting much.

Shopping Behaviour funnel

We built-in more suitable ecommerce google analytics monitoring in you EDD digital store. Our plugins not solely tracks the facts in Google Analytics, that additionally get the statistics back to WordPress dashboard for thy ease. If thou are colorful along searching data between Google Analytics, You be able parley the funnels there.


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