All In One Addons for WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer)

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All In One Addons for WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer)

This item put to every my live WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer) add-ons ($250+ value) into certain total because of only $25, or desire accumulate more add-ons for free into the future update. All the add-ons are between a easy diagram and extend WPBakery Page Builder with more function. This total event pleasant together with WPBakery Page Builder that set up as much plugin then into a theme.

Note: This plugin is the addon for WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer), such requires WPBakery Page Builder to stay set up or activated about thine site. Some regarding the 3D CSS3 transition applications are only accessible between modern browser like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and IE10+. The HotSpot element necessity the frontend executive enabled in imitation of drag after update the icon’s position.


Timeline Card

Give the flexibility according to assimilate Genial timeline visiting card along image, youtube video then google chart etc

Material Slider

Help ye according to Gather a Google Material fashion auto lengthen slider easily.

Skew Box

Help thou according to add 2 facet with the aid of facet picture together with textual content box, you perform accumulate a evaluate slider together with it.

Shadow Card

Help ye in accordance with accumulate Apple Television like 3D tilt be behind image, together with non-obligatory caption below.

Expand Grid

  • CSS3 obliquity container driven design, fulfill it soft-hearted and expandable.
  • Optional avatar, avatar support icon or image, ikon with WPBakery Page Builder built-in Icon Picker.
  • Auto prolong slideshow
  • Built-in gradient color style, also support customize color.
  • Add content material without problems with the aid of the WordPress built-in rich text editor, assist ye assimilate some HTML (like a link) easily.
  • Optional tooltip.


  • CSS3 transition.
  • 20 transitions because the circle, 15 transitions because the square.
  • Both attack aid left_to_right, right_to_left, top_to_bottom and bottom_to_top.
  • Thumbnail aid customized hyperlink then lightbox.
  • Retina ready, thou can choose in imitation of show the thumbnail among retina.

Image Hotspot with Tooltip

  • You execute customize each hotspot icon’s postion without problems into the WPBakery Page Builder Frontend editor.
  • Hotspot icon support Font Awesome idol or numbers, numbers yet single dot.
  • Hotspot battle (and the ring dot) assist somebody form over color.
  • Responsive and retina ready.
  • Hotspot ikon support pulse animation, or do remain between white, gray, red, green, blue then purple.
  • Optional open each and every tooltip through non-appearance now page loaded.
  • Tooltip support someone form concerning content, as a photo and video.
  • Optional tooltip style: shadow, light, noir, punk.
  • Optional tooltip animation: grow, slide, fade, fall.
  • Optional tooltip coast position: top, right, bottom, left, top-right, top-left, bottom-right, bottom-left.

Flip Box

  • Optional heritage image over both sides.
  • Optional avatar, assist association photo then icon.
  • Avatar assist cycle photo then icon.
  • Icon aid built-in Icon Picker then WPBakery Page Builder 4.4
  • Responsive and retina ready.
  • Avatar may be on both aspects and constant about the top.
  • Optional link because the entire element.
  • Optional hyperlink button regarding the lower back sides.
  • Smooth CSS3 flip transition.

Gradient Box

  • Optional avatar, avatar support icon or image, icon along WPBakery Page Builder built-in Icon Picker.
  • Avatar (icon or image) may stay in circle, rounded small, rounded vast and square.
  • Whole container be able remain among square, rounded small, and rounded large.
  • Built-in gradient colour style, also support customize color.
  • Content place be able stand marshal vertically center and with padding only.
  • Optional historical past colour because the content area, help you redact a gradient answer looking.
  • Optional war background.
  • Optional hyperlink because of whole box.
  • Add content easily by the WordPress built-in prosperous textual content editor, assist ye accumulate any HTML (like a link) easily.
  • Optional tooltip for entire box.
  • Box denominate group perform stay within left, core or right.
  • And more…

Before & After

  • Icon Picker support afterwards WPBakery Page Builder 4.4
  • Optional auto delay slide.
  • Unlimited war colour option.
  • Built of take care of style.
  • Optional tooltip because the handle.
  • Retina, responsive.

Cube Box

  • Optional background photo regarding both sides.
  • Optional avatar, aid halo photo and icon.
  • Avatar assist association photo yet icon.
  • Icon aid built-in Icon Picker afterward WPBakery Page Builder 4.4
  • Responsive and retina ready.
  • Optional link for the complete element.
  • Smooth CSS3 solid transition.


  • Optional images, text content, you be able select photograph and text according to display first.
  • Optional textual content content material color, textual content content background, text content padding.
  • Optional container width.
  • Images aid custom link.
  • The parallax is disabled of the cellular view, maintain the images and texts readable.

Draggable Timeline

  • Timeline label guide Font Awesome icon, image then coherent text only.
  • Icon then photo be able stay within square, spherical and halo shape.
  • Auto play slideshow because the timeline.
  • Auto scrollbar assist because of the lengthy content in the timeline window.
  • Retina ready.
  • Optional durbar color, timeline window coloration style, memorandum font color.
  • Optional carry button.
  • Optional timeline title, timeline content.

Page Transition

  • Animation of 2 modes: regular yet overlay mode.
  • 58 unique animations.
  • Optional overlay color.
  • Optional web page within then web page abroad animation speed.

Thumbnail along Caption

  • Thumbnails assist lightbox then custom link.
  • Auto shed slideshow for the thumbnails.
  • Retina geared up yet responsive.
  • Optional caption title, caption content material or button.
  • Optional caption and button history color.

Separator including Text or Icon

  • Text or battle support link.
  • Multiple icon, thou perform pick after display 1~5 identical icon between a separator.
  • Optional shape, border style (solid, dotted, dashed, gradient color), font color, history color, border color, font-family because of the text, aspect width, vicinity about the complete separator etc.

Fullscreen Intro

  • Background perform stay between (repeat or no-repeat) picture and solid color.
  • Optional intro text, Font Awesome idol underneath intro text, elective font-size, font-color, font-family, intro textual content position.
  • Optional click the intro textual content in imitation of scroll, non-obligatory thing for the scorll after element, optional scroll speed, scroll offset.
  • Optional basket height.

Metro Carousel then Tile

  • You execute pick out in conformity with display the photo within Carousel then Tile mode.
  • Navigation button of Carousel guide this position: bottom-left, bottom-center, bottom-right, top-left, top-center, and top-right.
  • Navigation button into Carousel do remain some concerning it three type: default(short line), cycle, then square.
  • Navigation button of Carousel with 12 active colour picks available.
  • Slide excitation support: slide, fade, switch, or slowdown between the Carousel mode.
  • Slide effect support: slideLeft, slideRight, slideLeftRight, slideUp, slideDown, then slideUpDown of the Tile mode.
  • Thumbnails guide lightbox yet customized link among each mode.
  • Auto play slideshow within both mode, ye do customize the extend period into the editor.
  • Retina geared up and responsive.
  • Metro UI CSS driven, consist of the vital issue only, preserve the files lightweight.

Carousel & Gallery

  • You execute choose to show the pictures of Carousel or Gallery.
  • Optional drop and shore navigation.
  • Carousel guide lightbox and custom link.
  • Retina ready, responsive.
  • Auto move slideshow.
  • Optional tooltip for the thumbnails.
  • Optional wicker tray cover then max-width, group middle automatically.

Zoom yet Magnify (image)

  • You perform choose in accordance with display the picture between Zoom then Magnify mode.
  • In Zoom mode, thou execute pick out the monitoring durbar position, repository heritage pattern, repository cover and many others of the backend.
  • Control royal court do stay among top, bottom, left, yet right.
  • Zoom image execute be displayed between retina.
  • In the Magnify mode, ye be able customize the glass radius, border size, resemble color, appeal gray filter in imitation of the image, whether in conformity with movement the amplify glass(press then mouseover), customise the non-appearance role regarding the glass so page loaded etc.


  • Optional tabs menu title, unbounded bill color, bill background, content material color, content material background.
  • Tab bill support Font Awesome icon.
  • 3 reachable tabs style.
  • Smooth transition.
  • Retina ready.
  • Unlimited tabs item, content material aid some form over content.
  • Optional self lengthen rotate because of the tabs.
  • Optional basket width, aline center automatically.

CSS3 Accordion

  • Optional accordion bill title, bill color, menu background, menu heritage pattern, content color, content background, font greatness etc.
  • 2 handy accordion style.
  • Smooth CSS3 transition.
  • Responsive then retina ready.
  • Unlimited accordion item, accordion guide somebody kind over content.
  • Optional border.
  • Optional repository width, amount core automatically.

Image including Arrow

  • Optional image, text content, content position be able stand of top, right, bottom or left.

Optional content color, content material background, font size, shaft position,

  • Image execute remain born as like lightbox or customized link.
  • Retina or responsive.

Product Cover Gallery

  • Optional cowl image, cover label, memorandum color, caption then consumer hover.
  • Optional thumbnails when person hover, thumbnail can stay opened into modern view, lightbox or custom link.
  • Retina then Responsive.

Medium Gallery

  • Optional graph on the Medium Gallery, thou do manually employ a tussock on numbers in conformity with specify the quantity on pictures each range contains within the gallery.
  • Optional edge width, gutter, entitle or alt because of the photograph among the Medium Gallery.
  • Optional ribbon label, ribbon link, position, ribbon background, ribbon color, photo link etc of the Ribbon add-on.
  • Retina or Responsive.

To Do List and Price Table

  • You be able personalize such after a in accordance with function list or price table.
  • Optional front-end only interactive for the in imitation of operate list.
  • Font Awesome ikon 4.2, non-compulsory shade for each icon.
  • Responsive and retina ready.
  • Optional header text, color, background, history pattern.
  • Unlimited item list.
  • Optional label divider inner the list.
  • Optional button below the object list.
  • Optional division every object with background and border.

Figure Navigation

  • Optional figure label, background, color, border color, title, announcement or font greatness etc.
  • Support lousy VC shortcode, because of example ye do put on the VC buttons interior the content.
  • Optional historical past picture for each block, thou be able choose the photo repeat or not.
  • Optional header picture then picture size.
  • Retina, ye execute choose in conformity with show the header photograph in retina then not.
  • Optional obstacle height, arrest background.
  • Optional display who barrier by means of default.

Stack Gallery

  • Optional image, elective image size, image border, optional retina image.
  • Optional tooltip because each image.
  • Optional ease in and easement abroad animation.
  • Retina yet responsive.
  • Optional coast navigation, optionally available shaft color (white/black).
  • Optional wicker tray height, basket background.
  • Optional self prolong slideshow, and the extend second.

Testimonial Carousel

  • Optional avatar, non-obligatory avatar bulk or CSS margin, optionally available retina avatar, non-compulsory link because every avatar.
  • Optional testimonial range in imitation of stay displayed with the aid of default.
  • Optional testimonial width, background yet textual content color, font-family, font-style or font-size.
  • Optional self move or the slideshow delay second.
  • Optional limitless loop because of the carousel.
  • Font Awesome ikon support.
  • Responsive then retina ready.
  • Optional ikon size, color, position.

Masonry Gallery

  • Responsive grid.
  • Optional thumbnail width, thumbnail padding, repository offset, minWidth over the lightbox image.
  • Thumbnail help lightbox, custom link, thumbnail image execute keep in retina.

Scrolling Notification

  • CSS3 attack (driven by animate.css, with 20+ transit options) for the popup notification.
  • Optional popup eyelet hole background, text color, concealment or approach top.
  • Notification can lie in any position of the page, for example, top left, upper right, bottom left, bottom right etc.
  • Multiple notification, thou perform conjoin a unique notification because every put up and page.
  • Optional opacity, position, color, inspiring style then cookie function for the notification.

DA (Direction-Aware) Gallery

  • 3D delay effect.
  • Optional edge width, thumbnail width, thumbnail margin, caption (thumbnail name and description).
  • Optional caption color, caption background, opacity.
  • Thumbnail assist lightbox, customized link, thumbnail picture do stay into retina.

App Mockup Gallery

  • CSS3 3D impact for the thumbnails.
  • Optional thumbnail width, height, repository offset, tooltip.
  • Thumbnail assist lightbox yet customized link.
  • Optional gradient background.
  • Optional retina thumbnail.

Font Awesome Animation

  • Support all Font Awesome icon.
  • Optional ikon size, icon animation, icon color, war float.

And more..

Included Depth Modal, Profile Card, Fluidbox, Ribbon, Animate Button 01 etc, as are all into easy design, and help ye in imitation of conjoin an eye fascinating effect in conformity with thy site.


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